Project Status Site

Greetings Mr. Falsis,

Thank you for your patience. I am happy to report that the materials to fabricate your new door have arrived. I will be doing so within the next two weeks.


I will also be photographing the cabinet closely to allow your inspection.

This page will allow me to host large images as I reformat the cabinet to your specifications. First and foremost, I suggest you inspect it closely to be sure it meets your expectations. I will not ask for your commitment until you've had a good look at it.

For starters, here it is on my wall. Soon, I'll pull it down, light it properly and send you a large batch of images.


Padauk (pro; Pod-Ook) is sometimes called African Coralwood. If you wish to research it further, this link will help.

If you have any concerns, feel free to call or write.