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Greetings Mr. Falsis,

Your cabinet is ready to be shipped. Now that I have the final dimensions and weight, I will acquire exact shipping costs for your invoice. In the meantime, please enjoy this presentation of the completed cabinet.

Note: Masking on the door and cabinet sides are in the way of your inspection. These remain on until after you have hung the cabinet on your wall. Thanks for your patience.



The French Cleat is secured to the shell with 3" deck screws. The Wall Bracket is not shown.



This Lowden D30 is a fairly deep dreadnought. It fits!


Two water glasses are include if you wish to hydrate this case. Two Hygrometers are also included, one for the case and the other for your room.



Do not forget to double check the yoke height when you switch guitars. Six different settings allow you to best postion your axe in the shell. With an acoustic, the top setting works well.


For a small electric, the lower yoke settings are best. An ES335 or similar large body electrics like the center hole.




I hope to see your Golden Eagle in here soon.

April 24th Status:

The shop has been cleared and your cabinet has been pulled off the wall. I examined it, it's in great shape. In this update, a batch of photos that will alloy you to see it as closely as possible. I hope you like the color.

The lacquer is as good as new. You will be hard pressed to tell that this cabinet was a display model. Nevertheless, it will be discounted from full cost by $500, to $1250, as originally proposed.

As mentioned earlier, a new door will be fashioned and installed within the next week. I would not trust shipping with anything but a factory masked door. Per your request, the antique brocade fabric will be stripped and replaced with a black cotton velvet. The vapor seal on the back panel will be sustained, as will the shelves, allowing you to manage the moisture in the cabinet if you wish.

If you commit to this cabinet, I will have it prepared for shipment by the 2nd week of May.

Speaking of shipping, there are a few options shown below. More precise cost estimates will be generated when I have your exact address.

Enjoy the show.






Here is the current range of UPS (Fully Insured) Shipping Estimates for your cabinet.

Better estimates will be provided when I have your complete address.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 3.43.05 PM

In an effort to expedite your delivery, I will waive the normal down payment / deposit.

On your word, I will fashion this cabinet for delivery and invoice you when it is ready for shipping. Under these terms, I believe you will receive your cabinet by mid May, a little earlier than proposed.


April 7th Status:

Thank you for your patience. I am happy to report that the materials to fabricate your new door have arrived. I will be doing so within the next two weeks.


I will also be photographing the cabinet closely to allow your inspection.

This page will allow me to host large images as I reformat the cabinet to your specifications. First and foremost, I suggest you inspect it closely to be sure it meets your expectations. I will not ask for your commitment until you've had a good look at it.

For starters, here it is on my wall. Soon, I'll pull it down, light it properly and send you a large batch of images.


Padauk (pro; Pod-Ook) is sometimes called African Coralwood. If you wish to research it further, this link will help.

If you have any concerns, feel free to call or write.